What we specialize in

We provide a full End to  End integrated solution.

Below is a small list of items that we specialize in.

  • Fibre to the Unit design and implementation
  • Network Design
  • Wireless Network Design


  • QoS, limiters, Proxy, Port Forwarding, NAT, DNS, DHCP etc.
  • Reporting on all of this, Real Time.
  • Content Filtering to block certain services for certain users.

Web Servers:

  • MySQL, Apache and Php etc.

Email Servers:

  • POP or imap servers
  • AntiVirus checks on all emails
  • SMTP relay to allow any email account to send emails from any internet connection.
  • MySQL Servers
  • Backups (Server and User)
  • Helpdesk Systems for fault Logging
  • Monitor network devices and send sms/email when device is on or off
  • Custom building programmes / software as per clients needs
  • Radius for Wireless to manage bandwidth -We build our own custom Radius, and can modify it to do almost anything
  • Proxy for guest/admin to restrict and monitor users
  • Reporting for websites used can be enabled if needed
  • Reporting on all emails
  • Reporting on all website traffic on web server or local network
  • Bandwidth Monitoring per switch / port etc
  • Vlans to split networks for security reasons
  • VPN access into network for secure connections (we use this to do remote support)
  • “Dropbox” like programme for internal network use, but can have Public access with VPN or Public IP if needed
    • Keeps history and versions and deleted files like Dropbox
    • We manage the Max Upload and file size
    • The total size of the storage  will depend  on the Linux Server HDD
    • Space can be allocated per user
    • One user can be the “Owner” of the entire directory, with sub directories and each sub directory can have it’s own username and password for someone else to access
    • There is a SmartPhone App for it, so you can access your files from your tablet/phone.
  • Network routing
  • FTP access
  • SFTP access
  • Windows file sharing done on Linux Servers (NFS and SAMBA)
  • Data storage Server with 8TB of HDD  Space with a Mirror of the HDD’s and backup to external HDD’s